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"Royce Private Residences": A Super-Luxurious Condominium offering Sophisticated Privacy o

MJAI development, a joint-venture between Major Development, Thailand’s high-end real estate developer, and affiliates of AIG Global Real Estate Investment Corp, the international real estate arm of AIG Investments, officially announces the brand-new residential project “Royce Private Residences.”

Mr. Suriyon Poolvoralaks, President & CEO of Major Development Public Co., Ltd., reveals about the opening of the new project, “Royce Private Residences is a freehold high-rise condominium situated on Sukhumvit 31, a prime location in the heart of Bangkok's highly-desirable Sukhumvit district, designed to make a major impact in the premium condominium development market as the first super luxurious private condominium. With the very unique and unsurpassed architectural concept based on Victorian contemporary style, the project was designed for in response to the niche market which in targeting in high-class consumers in AAA (Triple A plus) level or upper-high-class Thais and expatriates, especially for urbanites consumers who are looking for a super-luxurious condo lifestyle in a relaxed and private environment in the midst of a midtown prestige community in the Sukhumvit area.”

“Although there is quantities of super luxury condominiums located in the central business district of Bangkok, those properties still have some gap to satisfy consumer demand in terms of both privacy and in providing luxurious havens from the hectic city life. This gap in the property market makes us believe that the project can successfully address high-end consumers’ needs. This is because the key concept of the project as “a super-luxurious private residences” provides the utmost privacy to each dwelling, including private features, functionalities and the full-range of amenities such as Private community in the midst of a midtown prestige community, Private lift lobby which offers individual proximity-screen elevator access to every unit, Private garden as the largest formal garden in downtown, and Private club house with a full range of activities“ Mr. Suriyon added.

The Royce Private Residences project is a truly super-luxurious condominium consisting of two buildings – a 39-storey and a 25-storey building – which blend together harmoniously. The two high rises are linked by gardens and greenery space providing a relaxed natural feel to the luxurious setting located on 3 rais 3 ngan and 6 wah of prime real estate. The project combines 165 units ranging from 111.7 to 462 square meters in a variety of designs – 2-bedroom, 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom and penthouse units. Each unit is designed for perfect functionality in combining bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living and dining areas. The starting price per unit is in a range from 15-92 million baht.

Moreover, the project is dedicated to providing the highest value to residents, in providing high-quality constructional materials and world-class specifications in fully fitted and electrical appliances such as ovens, refrigerators and washing machines, 24 hour security system with CCTV and proximity card and 300 underground parking spaces. This luxury project also conveys a sense of the refined art of living with a delightful mood set by the English Courtyard decoration complimented by such as a mini-sport-world private pool terrace, a 50m. lap pool, and two magnificent Jacuzzi pavilions, and a magnificent Private clubhouse with a full range of activities including salon, beverage bar, cigar lounge, state-of-the-art gymnasium and spa room, as well as an aerobics & yoga studio.

Source: http://www.Thailand4.com/news/2008-03-18/0829-royce-private-residences-a-super/

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