Buying a condominium in Thailand - Foreign Info

วันที่ 29 กรกฎาคม 2551

The easiest choice of foreigners to buy a property in Thailand is buying a condominium. The only restrictions applied to foreigners on buying a condominium are that the percentage of units sold to foreigner must not be over forty nine percent (49%) of total amounts of units in the condominium and the funds used to purchase the condominium have been remitted from abroad and recorded as such by any Thai Banks on a Tor Tor Sam which is an official bank document issued by the receiving bank upon the receipt of foreign currency into a bank account in Thailand
A foreigner must request a Tor Tor Sam from a bank when he or she is remitting funds to Thailand in order to purchase a condominium, and the Tor Tor Sam must specify that the remittance is solely for the purpose of purchasing a property
A certificate of ownership will be given to the owner of each condominium with statement stating that how many percentages of rights over the common areas of the building each owner poses