Condominium buyers' guide

วันที่ 3 สิงหาคม 2551

As can be seen from Pattaya property market, most of foreigners prefer to buy condominiums in Pattaya. This is because of foreign ownership restrictions on land. Buying condominium in Pattaya is similarly supported by Thai buyers, due to the convenience and commutable proximity to Bangkok - providing a weekend holiday home. Condominiums in Pattaya are relatively expensive compared to houses and their prices increase the higher you are probably (especially with rampant development destroying the view of the sea).

Pattaya's condo markets continue to grow with an increasingly two level of market developing as both the established high and mid-range segments perform equally well. They now directly rival private investment associated with the more established up market Thai resorts.

With many condo developers providing new developments at prices below 70,000 baht per square metre, these values contrast with the more high profile developments in Pattaya marketed in excess of 100,000 baht per square metre. This pricing spectrum supports a broader purchaser demographic by reducing entry level pricing barriers and enabling budget conscious buyers to invest, creating a dynamic and sustainable trading environment.

The increase in the mid-to-high and high-end or premium sectors, however, represents a much higher value - not only in monetary terms, but also in meeting the needs and aspirations of a luxury market for Pattaya condos.

In Pattaya many condos are advertised in the local newspapers. A variety of agents and lawyers can also be found advertising their services. Another increasingly lucrative option in light of the demand is to buy older condos in the less desirable buildings and do them up. Renovating is cost-effective and fun in Thailand and there are plenty of shells that can be snapped up cheaply.