Lovely Home for Sale – Panya Lake Home - ขายบ้านปัญญาเลคโฮม สวย ร่มรื่น 5.2 ล้าน

The house is located in a nice, greenery and secured area. Total living area is 220 sq.meters with 101 sq.wah land area.

3 bedroom/ 3 bathroom.
4 Air conditioning units
5 Ceiling fan
Kitchen already installed with stove, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets.
Lovely Garden
Natural Canal connected to the back yard.

From the whole area of 555 square rai for this real estate, just 30 percent of it is allotted. The rest of it is the public area that is divided in to these places:

1. 38 square rai park
2. 2.5 kilometers walk way along beautiful lake
3. 3.5 square rai area of clubhouse where two tennis grounds, swimming pool, fitness center and playground are provided.

Moreover, you can be certain on our high quality security system. Garbage collecting system and many other facilities will enhance Bann Panya Lake Home to be one of the places that let you be surrounded by happiness in Panya Quality.

Contact: Khun K 089-203-7788 or [email protected]

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